A Journey of Change in the Aircraft Industry focuses on military aviation and the Gripen fighter aircraft system, as well as operations at the Saab Aeronautics business area.

In the publication, Saab Aeronautics is referred to as Saab.

During the years 2000 to 2015, Saab systematically and increasingly utilised change management to adapt the company to rapid and fundamental changes. At the same time, the company also worked to ensure its survival in an increasingly globalised and competitive market.

With A Journey of Change in the Aircraft Industry, Saab wishes to inspire others to initiate and conduct change management, regardless of organisational type.

The target groups for the publication are customers, governments, armed forces, politicians, government agencies, industries, partners, suppliers, research institutes and academia.

A Journey of Change in the Aircraft Industry provides a description of what Saab has done during the past decades to develop unique organisational capabilities for the purpose of being world leading in the development and production of weapon systems for military fighter aircraft.

The publication illustrates and provides examples of Saab’s core capabilities constituted by adaptability, system thinking and innovation capability.

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Aircraft photos are published with the permission of photographers Peter Eliasson and Jörgen Nilsson.

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Martin Hjelm