This chapter describes how the politico-security changes in Sweden and the surrounding region influenced the actions of the Swedish state and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. These changes also influenced the willingness and need for major investment in defence.

It illustrates how changed global conditions affect the defence materiel market, which is becoming increasing international. Also covered is the manner in which Saab handled the change that occurred when government agencies transferred full responsibility to Saab for developing a weapon system for military aircraft.

The continuous technical development in the IT field will have multiple effects on the company’s IT infrastructure during a product’s life cycle with respect to military fighter aircraft. This chapter includes an account of how IT infrastructures were modified and developed to be flexible, effective and robust enough to handle changes during the implementation of new IT technology.

The chapter concludes by explaining how simplifications can be achieved. A model-based working procedure, MBD, facilitates virtual representations of the functionality of a design before the decision to manufacture is made.

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