Development Skills

This chapter describes three different aspects involved in the development of the most advanced system in fighter aircraft, namely the control system. The section describes how Saab has worked towards developing control systems for military fighter aircraft and how Saab has evolved in this technology area. It includes descriptions on how to handle complex aeronautical problems by employing an extremely well-structured working procedure.

It also illustrates how progress in electronics and computing is managed in order to future-proof the different functions and systems, as well as how to use advanced methods and analyses to create a unique control system for a modern statically unstable aircraft such as JAS 39 Gripen.

The requirements that need to be taken into account when developing the software to be used in fighter aircraft, where the software is classified as safety-critical, are also described here. By using agile working procedures, it is possible to increase performance, quality and delivery precision considerably.

The concluding text provides an overview of the questions which need to be understood when carrying out complex system development work involving the development of advanced products and the way integration work must be managed in a structured manner.

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