Operations capabilities

This chapter explains the importance of strategic objectives as a work form, and how they direct the strategic work involved in business, product and operational development.

In order to direct and lead capability development it is imperative to work with strategic plans such as business plans, product plans, technical plans, etc. Working from an operational perspective - as well as from a long-term and sustainable perspective - is a necessity within the aviation and aerospace industry. This topic is explored in more detail in this chapter.

One of the sections describes what Saab did to create long-term and sustainable change management. In order to develop long-term organisational capabilities one must be able to oversee a number of important conditions. One of these conditions necessitates that one works from a comprehensively detailed Operational Development Plan.

Another section recounts Saab’s work to position its industrial expertise in preparation for future product collaborations and future export deals. In any international collaboration, it is necessary to identify possible roles and suitable work packages in the fields of technology and integration which are important both for Gripen and other products.

The concluding section consists of five brief descriptions. These detail success factors during change processes and when cooperating with different types of customer. Here one can read about how different tasks geared towards capability development were handled and some of the difficult situations encountered.

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