Value for customers

This chapter outlines the work involved with Saab’s core values. The attitude and behaviour of each employee has an impact on the ability to handle the immense challenges faced by a company. Employee attitudes and behaviour are also crucial for the company’s professional capacity.

It also describes how, in the beginning of the 2000s, the company was bound by the fact that a large proportion of development orders from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration were regulated in a long-term agreement. It was exhaustively detailed and constrained. This meant that new ways of financing technology development had to be identified. Solutions came in the form of assertive thinking, new working procedures and new capability development management, which resulted in the save-to-invest concept.

In order to develop advanced fighter aircraft systems, the way the user will utilise the system operationally must first be understood. Included is a practical description of a mission: when the Swedish Air Force took part in international efforts in Libya.

The ability to manage and drive judicious concept development is fundamental and a prerequisite to developing future military operational capabilities. Here one can read about concept development as an iterative process in which future-oriented concepts are identified and developed so as to test their validity and feasibility.

Saab has invested in technology research both of its own accord and in partnership with various companies, research institutes and academia in Sweden and internationally. In order to advance aerospace research in an effective manner, initiatives were taken to, among other things, implement various programmes aimed at developing technology demonstrators. An operation of this sort constitutes a paramount prerequisite to being able to develop new capabilities for fighter aircraft systems from a long-term perspective.

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